Board of Directors, Executive Committee

Peter Walther – President, Infrastructure SIG Co-Chair
Jeremy Tole – Vice President, IoT SIG Lead
Tom Hunt– Treasurer
Brian Hajime Ogata – Director
Tom Mitchell – Secretary, Spectrum SIG Lead
Tom Rao – Director
Jeff Yen – Director


Christine Courtoy – Chief Administrator
Arman Mousavi, Social Media


Beric Dunn, AV/Sound
Paul McBurney, PhD, Videography, LBS SIG
Elle Grossenbacher, IoT SIG and Social Media Lead
Evelyn Choo, Marketing Communications

Board of Directors, Emeritus

Stu Jeffery Seena Corp.
David Witkowski – Joint Venture Silicon Valley
Rick Ellinger – Board of Directors at the Hiller Museum
Francie Miller – RF Consultant and Regulatory Specialist
Roberto Hernandez – Host of The Unstarving Musician‘s Podcast
Richard Allan Horning – Board Member, Counsel (Reed Smith LLP)

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