WCA sponsors “Rambots”

Posted by Tom Mitchell on February 5, 2019

The WCA proudly announces it is sponsoring the Willow Glen Middle School “Rambots” Robotics program. The funds will be used to help the Rambots compete in the world-renowned VEX Robotics Competition. Contact the WCA to learn more.

WCA Donates to Janksters

Posted by Tom Mitchell on

For the second year in a row, the WCA has donated to the girls robotics team at Notre Dame High School in San Jose, CA. The proceeds will be used to acquire gear and materials to compete in Robot Reveal Night on February 16. Contact the WCA to learn more.

What’s Hot & What’s Not

Posted by Wireless Communications on November 22, 2019

Join us at the WCA’s 20th Annual What’s Hot (and What’s Not) in Mobility VC and M&A panel for a discussion with some of Silicon Valley’s best mobile-savvy Venture Capitalists and M&A about the future of mobility. They will also share insights into which mobile growth areas capture their smart investments – and which do not.

Gadgets & Gizmos: An hands-on IoT Experience

Posted by Tom Mitchell on July 24, 2019

Agenda: TBA Please contact the WCA if you’re an IoT device maker interested in participating in this event.

IoT Forum on Computer Vision

Posted by Christine Courtoy on June 26, 2019

IoT Forum meets in June at Sensors Expo in San Jose to look at innovation in Computer Vision. When coupled with the Internet of Things, computer vision allows devices to turn sensor data into actionable information. Join IoT Forum members, guests, and invited experts for an afternoon of innovation discovery, product demos, startup pitches, and […]

Sensors Expo & Conference

Posted by Christine Courtoy on June 25, 2019

Sign up for this exciting event through WCA to get your $100 discount using code WCA100. Sensors Expo & Conference is the only industry event in North America exclusively focused on sensors and sensor-integrated systems. For more than 30 years, Sensors has brought technical innovation and thought leadership to engineers involved in the development and deployment […]

ETC Expo and Conference

Posted by Christine Courtoy on

Sign up for this exciting event through WCA and enjoy a $100 discount using code WCA100. Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference (ETC), is the ONLY event focused on what is most important to designers and implementers – education and training. At the inaugural event, attendees will experience over 100 hours of unparalleled education and training […]

ComTech Forum on Network Automation

Posted by Christine Courtoy on May 16, 2019

Telcos began using Network Automation in 1891 when they first deployed electronic switches. Today, we can apply AI and Machine Learning to automate much of our Software-Defined Networks. Next, AI will be unleashed to manage business objectives like reducing cost and maximizing revenue. Join Telecom Council’s ComTech Forum members to review the emerging solutions, startups, […]

WCA Tech Talk – Privacy-centric cloud service for mobile operators

Posted by Wireless Communications on May 15, 2019

In this Meetup, Saswata Basu, CEO of 0Chain, a distributed ledger company, will discuss how Service Providers can capitalize on a privacy-centric cloud offering, 0Box, to reduce churn and increase revenue. 0Box will be available for alphaNet on April 17. Check out for details.

IoT World

Posted by Wireless Communications on May 13, 2019

Where thousands of strategists, technologists, developers and implementers connect, putting IoT into action across industry verticals. The future of business starts here.

Connected Cars and the Passenger Economy

Posted by Christine Courtoy on April 11, 2019

Autotech Council and Telecom Council come together on April 11 to discuss the Passenger Economy, the future of mobility services, the changes autonomy may impose on transportation, infrastructure and passengers, and how all of this gets connected, managed, and paid for. The full day agenda includes industry leaders, technology vendors, and industry analysts alongside startup […]

ComTech Forum on Modern Wireless Infrastructure

Posted by Christine Courtoy on March 14, 2019

Join ComTech Forum’s telco, vendor, startup and investor members in March to discover trends, innovation and startups in Modern Wireless Infrastructure. With 5G, networks are evolving in terms of design, equipment, and topology. But many changes are coming regardless of 5G, with some being implemented in 4G networks. Today’s meeting is focused on any significant […]

WCA’s First Tech Talk – The Broadband divide in Rural California

Posted by Tom Mitchell on February 28, 2019

We’ll discuss the program and its findings, first the CalSPEED Mobile broadband measurement program from 2012-2017 and then the CalSPEED Home residential broadband measurement program beginning in 2019. 

IoT Forum on Retail

Posted by Christine Courtoy on February 14, 2019

Shopping around for IoT solutions? Join the IoT Forum meeting on Retail to discover new technologies poised to disrupt the retail world. IoT Forum members meet monthly in Silicon Valley to discover new companies and technologies, meet partner prospects in person, review market opportunities across the wide spectrum of connected things, and deep dive into […]

Autotech Council on Next Gen Fleets

Posted by Christine Courtoy on February 8, 2019

The latest fleet technology is as relevant to trucking as it is to car sharing and drones. Join the Autotech Council to discover innovation in hardware, software, and services for fleets of all kinds.   FREE for Autotech Council Members, $200 for Non-Members Register at

Spectrum Overview: 2019 and beyond…

Posted by Wireless Communications on January 29, 2019

The Wireless Communications Alliance (WCA) will present an overview of the radio and regulatory side of 5G. We will focus on the spectral allocations that provide the additional pipe necessary for enormous bandwidth, and the RAN and Access technologies that will face the customer, man or machine.

January Startup Review

Posted by Tom Mitchell on January 25, 2019

The Service Provider Innovation Forum (SPIF) is a group of innovation scouts from global fixed and wireless carriers who believe that entrepreneurs and startups are an important element of their global innovation strategy. The SPIF meets monthly in Silicon Valley to review innovative young companies for business, technology and/or investment opportunities. The SPIF is by invitation […]

CES 2019 Debrief

Posted by Wireless Communications on January 17, 2019

This month we debrief Consumer Electronics Show 2019. Along with a Debrief Report from our analyst, our members share what they learned, what they saw, and their opinions of the products and companies that made an impression on them at the show.

Consumer Electronics Show – 2019

Posted by Tom Mitchell on January 8, 2019

CES is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years — the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

IoT Forum on Smart Cities

Posted by Wireless Communications on December 6, 2018

Join us as we consider the Smart City, and hear from a variety of stakeholders from government, to telco, to startups.