Sponsoring the Wireless Communications Alliance

There are many industries involved in wireless technologies. The Wireless Communications Alliance has served the wireless ecosystem since 1994 by providing a forum for education, connection, and community. As our industry emerges, the WCA’s role has become more prominent in globalization and technological growth by meeting the challenges of innovation, consolidation, globalization, and technological diversification. 

“Benefits to sponsor companies are; increased visibility to the Global wireless market, product promotion opportunities, and advanced networking/recruiting opportunities. Additionally, the WCA is flexible in working with sponsors. Sponsorship can have many forms, from Event-based sponsoring, Newsletters sponsoring to Yearly donations, Major Gifts, In-Kind Gifts, or facilitating an event.”

We have a wide range of digital participants from startups to global enterprises, backed by leading technology providers, and you will be in good company.

Our Goals

  • Promoting wireless companies, academics, innovators, and individuals to a global audience
  • Expanding of our Special Interest Group program to add focus on emerging technologies and the business development aspects of wireless
  • Funding science awards to promote an academic focus on wireless technologies
  • Creating a program to connect start- and scaleups companies, individuals, and capital with leaders and corporations
  • Recruiting high-profile speakers from inside and outside the industry on relevant and current topics
  • Allowing students, professors, and researchers from accredited academic institutions to attend our events for free

Accomplishing these goals will serve the Wireless Community by providing a foundation for maintaining and growing awareness of wireless technologies

The WCA prides itself on having a hands-on, all-volunteer Board of Directors, but donations to the WCA are vital to accomplishing our goals. Please get in touch with us about joining our sponsor program. We like to talk to you and see if we can work on this together. We also have a short video about the WCA. Please email sponsor (at) wca.org to get our sponsor information package. We are looking forward to having a conversation with you about your potential contributions or donations

Our Sponsors & Partners