ComTech Forum on Edge Computing

Edge Computing is at the peak of its hype cycle, so it’s important to suss out the hype from the real value that underpins the technology. Edge Computing is an important tool for networks to move applications and services closer to the customers and the data sources. It can potentially improve reliability, security, latency, agility, core network load, and performance. Gartner projects that more than half of enterprise data will be produced and processed outside of legacy datacenters, getting moved closer to the source and the uses.

The Telecom Council’s meeting on Edge Computing will have a strong focus on Mobile Edge Compute (MEC), since it has such a strong connection to the imminent roll-out of 5G networks. MEC also applies to fixed and 4G networks (Multi-Access Edge Computing), often in some mixed combination, so that’s not off the table, but the main value proposition of Edge is the lower latency, and that makes more sense on a super-fast network. Like a Cabernet Sauvignon goes with a Filet Mignon, MEC pairs extremely well with 5G.

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