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“Connected Everything” Hardware Security Attacks – 2021

September 2, 2021 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm PDT

A demonstration of “side-channel” attacks and a conversation about strategies to solve these problems.

We see major security breaches on everything connected every day – phones, computers, networks, power grids, and even the government. The techniques behind security breaches or attacks are generally made through the ports of a device and are well known and understood across the industry.

However, what’s not so well known, is that unintended emissions or leakage such as electromagnetic radiation or fluctuations in a device’s power line can fuel a class of dangerous and worrisome security attacks, potentially compromising the cryptographic material at the very heart of the device’s security. Initially, these attacks were initially only targeted towards Smart Cards but recently now are being increasingly targeted towards complex System on Chip (SoC) devices.

From a security perspective, this leakage, which was once thought of as relatively innocent, actually emits key clues as to what is going on inside a device and will even show when an encryption algorithm is being processed. Coupled with AI and smart analysis of this leakage, it’s now possible for bad actors to break into all devices and take full control.

The Wireless Communications Alliance invites you to witness a demonstration of how these “side-channel” attacks work in practice and show how device developers are testing and measuring security robustness to better protect and thwart against these attacks.

We will show sophisticated attacks using side-channel or physical fault injection techniques that are practical and may compromise a system – sometimes faster and easier than might have been expected. Highlighting the attacks based on modern techniques targeting recent devices and SoCs, this talk will introduce the concept of side-channel or physical fault injection and provide practical insights about their realization, potential consequences, and cost trade-offs.


●     1:00 – 1:05:  Event Introductions and Acknowledgements – Moderator Introduction
●     1:05 – 1:55:  Demo, Presentation and Q&A Moderation
●     1:55 – 2:00:  Q&A Panel and Thank you note and closure

Speaker Bio:

Tom Willey (Moderator)
Managing Partner TW-Partners

Tom Willey (Moderator)
Managing Partner TW-Partners

Tom has 25 years of leadership experience as a successful Board Director, Advisor, and CEO. in U.S. large & mid-cap companies and new start-ups from the USA, Asia, Japan, and Europe.

Hugues Thiebeauld
CEO - eShard

Hugues Thiebeauld
CEO – eShard

Hugues has a long track record in security subjects, such as side-channel attacks, fault injection and risk evaluation methodology. Previously Hugues had been security laboratory director at Underwriters Laboratory based in the UK for 5 years. He built a strong expertise in secure product engineering as principal security expert for Oberthur, now Idemia, leader in hardware secure element. Hugues holds an engineering degree in electronic and signal processing. He has contributed to many publications and patents.

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