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OpenWiFi – The Next Wi-Fi Revolution

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October 21, 2021 @ 11:00 am 1:00 pm PDT

Wi-Fi seems to be the perfect broadband connectivity option. The spectrum is always free to use and constantly expanding. The standards have always been advancing rapidly and interoperation between the billions of Wi-Fi devices is excellent. Yet something fundamental is missing that hinders even wider adoption. Why? Because each Wi-Fi device is actually an isolated silo, where the chipset, hardware, firmware and cloud are all proprietary and cannot be separated.

In this WCA event, we will present the revolution that OpenWiFi brings is the disaggregation of all of the above – now everyone is open to choose the best solution independently to best meet their needs – each OpenWiFi device is free to operate on any cloud platform, and each cloud platform can have multiple OpenWiFi devices working together, finally providing the breakthrough that Wi-Fi needs to achieve the widest possible adoption. This event is also an update to the latest OpenWiFi event held on May 12th, providing additional details to what was last presented.

Tom Hunt


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