January Startup Review


The Service Provider Innovation Forum (SPIF) is a group of innovation scouts from global fixed and wireless carriers who believe that entrepreneurs and startups are an important element of their global innovation strategy.

The SPIF meets monthly in Silicon Valley to review innovative young companies for business, technology and/or investment opportunities. The SPIF is by invitation only, designed to promote open conversation between our global carrier members, and introduce young companies, with viable communications propositions, who are seeking trials, exposure and strategic investment. SPIF Members spend the morning evaluating new technologies that touch any part of the network and may appeal to any subscriber demographic – from enterprise to families and from cable to wireless to IoT.

This month members of our IoT Forum will join after the break to review product pitches specific to the IoT landscape and hear a Case Study where a product or service has been successfully taken to market.


  • Attend: SPIF meetings are private. Interested telcos should contact the Telecom Council.
  • Speak: Young companies with innovative, network-ready solutions should apply online. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. There is no fee to present and all presenters are eligible for the SPIFFY Awards.
  • Host: If your conference room holds 50 people, host a meeting and bring the carriers to you.
  • Join: Service Providers who are actively engaging new partners and companies with new technologies, services and ideas, are invited to join the Forum.
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