Smart Mobility Summit 2016

Introducing The Smart Mobility Summit

Mobility is the critical enabler that underpins a host of emerging applications and initiatives. It’s the last leg of a journey that enables innovative services and products to be delivered to users. Today, we are not limited by a single mode of connectivity – there is a range of complementary technologies that enable users and devices to connect seamlessly. Crucially, many users will hop from one access medium to another.

What’s driving new applications? How do we choose the most appropriate connectivity solution across different use cases? How do we build the right networks to ensure that people and devices can achieve the optimum connectivity they need?

That’s what the Smart Mobility Summit is all about. It’s a unique event, designed to facilitate the discussion of use cases and to present current best practice across key topics that are driving our industry.

The WCA Is A Proud Partner For This Event

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To learn more and register, please visit the Smart Mobility Summit 2016 website.


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