Cognitive HotspotTM Technology (CHT) automatically optimizes radio resources to maximize your Wi-Fi network’s performance.

Railway operators know that for the young population, the most critical factor when choosing a railway company is the quality of the onboard Wi-Fi service. This factor is the most significant, above and beyond comfort, punctuality, or even the train bathrooms’ hygiene. Although it may seem extreme, it makes a lot of sense. Today, most train passengers are business travelers, students, and Tourists. While it may appear that many of them will use their 3G/4G or even 5G data plans, studies indicate the opposite.

Interestingly, they will try to connect to a Wi-Fi network as soon as they gain access. Cellular networks have many benefits and advantages for specific users. Still, when everyone wants to download large amounts of data wirelessly, no technology can beat a premium Wi-Fi network.

Deploying a reliable, secure, and fast Wi-Fi network in trains can be a challenge. Spanish company Galgus has a solution for both onboard entertainment and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Galgus’ CHT is a multiplatform, hardware-agnostic, embedded software installed on a myriad of Wi-Fi devices. CHT releases its true potential with a simple software upgrade. The solutions deployed can give a consistent and facilitate a fast speed to 100-150 devices per wagon, guaranteeing Quality of Service and with the minimum number of APs possible. Galgus’ CHT (Cognitive HotspotTM Technology) automatically optimizes radio resources to maximize the Wi-Fi network’s performance.

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