GSA Report Reveals Expanding Satellite Partnerships in Global Telecom

The latest findings from the GSA spotlight a significant uptick in satellite communications. As of March 2024, there’s a notable expansion in operator and vendor partnerships.

GSA Report Overview

The GSA’s recent “Non-Terrestrial 5G Networks and Satellite Connectivity” report unveils 77 publicly announced collaborations. These partnerships span across 43 countries and territories.

Satellite Services: A Growing Trend

According to the GSA, the adoption of satellite technology in cellular networks is accelerating. Currently, 50 operators across 37 regions are either planning or have already launched satellite services. This marks a substantial increase from previous figures reported in August 2023.

Evaluating Satellite Potential

While the integration of satellite solutions with terrestrial networks shows promise, the GSA acknowledges the uncharted potential of these technologies. They are essential for enhancing phone services and broadband access, particularly in remote areas.

Global Adoption and Trials

Nine operators across nine regions are actively evaluating, testing, or trialing satellite technologies. Additionally, ten operators have moved to commercially launch these services, with two new operators since the last update.

5G NTN and Satellite Broadband

The deployment of 5G NTN (Non-Terrestrial Networks) is still in the early stages globally. However, it’s increasingly utilized to improve rural connectivity. Interestingly, 57% of all partnerships focus on this application. Moreover, 34 countries are either planning, testing, or have already implemented satellite broadband services.

The Future of Satellite Communication

Joe Barrett, President of the GSA, emphasizes the growing trend of partnerships. He predicts a rise in service launches and a broader adoption to meet the rising demand for broadband and mobile connectivity. This expansion is crucial not only for rural areas but also in response to natural disasters.


As satellite technology becomes more ingrained in our global communication infrastructure, the GSA foresees a surge in countries offering satellite services. This evolution will likely shape the future of how we connect across vast and varied landscapes.

Source: RCR Wireless

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