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Cities are growing fast as populations grow, and more people choose city life over rural options. City living is inherently efficient, with more people sharing infrastructure, living in smaller spaces, driving less and sharing HVAC costs. But the density of population also means that cities are where future investments in efficiency can pay the greatest dividends. That requires cities get smart.

Smart Cities use various data collection systems and IoT sensors to fill a data lake that can be leveraged to managed assets and resources efficiently. Desirable outcomes can be achieved in real-time or long-term by using the increased information about the city. The National League of Cities reported in 2017 that 66% of US cities are investing in Smart City technology, noting that the top uses of Smart tech include:

  • Smart meters for utilities
  • Intelligent traffic signals
  • E-governance applications
  • Wi-Fi kiosks
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) sensors in pavement
  • …and many more uses by the city and from 3rd party providers, as well.

Not all cities are alike, so there is no reproducible plan that should be implemented everywhere. Each town must consider their unique situation, and things like population density, available wealth, and existing infrastructure and services. And while cities may centrally plan a Smart City roadmap, private companies may simultaneously implement their solutions, both helping and complicating the picture. Examples include airbnb, Byrd, or Uber. Thus, cities need to grapple with how to interact and collaborate with these private ventures to get the optimal outcomes.

Join us as we consider the Smart City, and hear from a variety of stakeholders from government, to telco, to startups. Ideas we expect to cover at our meeting will include:

  • IoT sensors
  • Data platforms
  • Energy consumption, demand management, smart buildings
  • Traffic flow, connected vehicles
  • Mobility solutions, multi-modality
  • Use of the z-axis for transport (autonomous flight)
  • Deliveries and moving of goods
  • Security and Public safety
  • Ubiquitous connectivity & networks
  • Who pays, how? Biz models?
  • Open data
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) sensors in pavement
  • Privacy in a smart city?

No shortage of hot topics. See you there.


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