MXC Foundation, First Blockchain IoT Project to Join Alibaba’s ICA

Alibaba has officially announced MXC Foundation as a fully recognized member of Alibaba’s IoT Connectivity Alliance (ICA). This marks the first time Alibaba has granted its ICA membership to any blockchain IoT project, and thus is an important milestone not only for everyone involved with the MXC Foundation but is a monumental step for the entire cryptocurrency industry as a whole. With the Alibaba ICA membership, MXC is joining the ranks of companies such as Bosch, Qualcomm, Schneider Electric, and Panasonic through the Alibaba ICA alliance.

“The MXC Foundation is proud to become a member of Alibaba IoT Connectivity Alliance, which is an incredible feat for any company, let alone for a blockchain project. While we are excited, we believe this is just the beginning of an incredible journey towards our MXC global movement. We look forward to receiving continued support from Alibaba, and we are fully committed to developing meaningful IoT inventions through collaboration with other members of the Alibaba ICA.”

 Aaron Wagener, Co-Founder of MXC Foundation

What is Alibaba IoT Connectivity Alliance?

The Alibaba ICA is both an international alliance led by Alibaba and other key multinational corporations specifically involved in the IoT space. The ICA encourages collaboration between the member companies to create inclusive platforms and serves as a bridge between the member companies to facilitate B2B communications, deal flow, mutual growth through partnerships, and the establishment and realisation of new IoT standards.

The ICA is just one of Alibaba’s key involvements in the IoT space, as the e-commerce titan has officially stated that the ICA will reach full integration within Alibaba’s business ecosystem, and enjoy both internal and external support in both technology and marketing directly from Alibaba.


MXC, the First Blockchain Project to Join

While MXC’s full membership in the Alibaba ICA is a remarkable achievement that came into fruition following the series of smart city partnerships in China, it is simultaneously the first step into reaching a mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in the IoT space. As a first-ever blockchain project to join the Alibaba ICA, MXC understands its responsibility in leading the way for many blockchain projects to create an ecosystem that accepts the true power of decentralization and grass-root movement that stems from blockchain technology.

MXC Foundation

By decentralizing Smart City data acquisition and ownership, MXC increases data movement trust and allows everyone to participate in their city progress. Based in Berlin, Germany, the MXC Foundation is a purpose-built IoT Foundation with the mission to inspire fast, efficient, decentralized data exchanges using LPWAN, Blockchain, and Token technology. The MXC Foundation is pairing “MXC” – the pioneer IoT cryptocurrency – with advanced LPWAN technology, developing the next vital step in the fourth industrial revolution, enabling secure, vastly open, and free, lightning-fast transactions.
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