O2 Telefonica Enhances Connectivity with 5G Expansion in Germany

O2 Telefonica, a leading name in German telecommunications, recently revealed significant advancements in their 5G network. Managed by the Spanish telecom giant Telefónica, O2 Telefonica is making strides in connecting Germany to the future of high-speed internet.

Photo: O2-Telefonica

O2 Telefonica’s Remarkable Growth in 5G Deployment

Since launching 5G services in October 2020, O2 Telefonica has not slowed down. Nearly 10,000 5G base stations dot the landscape, demonstrating the company’s commitment to digital excellence. Impressively, the operator has sustained a rate of over 50 new 5G transmitters each week. This rigorous pace resulted in an additional 3,000 5G base stations in just the previous year.

Nationwide Coverage: A Digital Dream Nearing Reality

As it stands, O2 Telefonica’s 5G network envelopes a remarkable 95% of Germany’s population. Mallik Rao, the Chief Technology and Information Officer at O2 Telefonica, highlights the importance of robust networks for a digital future. “2024 will be the year of 5G,” Rao asserts, envisioning a future where high-speed networks are not just a luxury but a necessity for all. His ambition doesn’t stop there; by the end of 2025, Rao aims to extend high-performance 5G coverage to almost the entire German population.

The Launch of 5G Standalone (SA) Network

O2 Telefonica’s journey took a significant leap in October 2023 with the launch of its 5G Standalone (SA) network, branded as 5G Plus. This upgrade from the NonStandalone (NSA) 5G architecture, which utilized the LTE/4G core network, marks a new era in connectivity. The 5G Plus network not only enhances voice quality through voice-over-new-radio (VoNR) technology but also opens doors for industries such as healthcare and public sectors to experience improved connectivity.

Partnerships Paving the Way for Advanced Technologies

The collaborative efforts between O2 Telefonica and Ericsson stand as a testament to the power of partnership. Their recent Proof of Concept (PoC) aims to develop 5G cloud RAN technology in Europe. This alliance signifies a step towards innovative solutions tailored for enterprises and fixed wireless access (FWA) use cases.


O2 Telefonica is on a mission to redefine the digital landscape in Germany. With their unwavering commitment to 5G expansion, the company is not just enhancing connectivity but also paving the way for a technologically advanced future. Are we ready to embrace the full potential of 5G in our daily lives?

Source: RCR Wireless

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