STSpaceMobile and AT&T’s Direct-to-Device Testing

ASTSpaceMobile AT&T Direct-to-Device Testing

ASTSpaceMobile and AT&T are making strides in the telecommunications sector with their latest venture in Direct-to-Device testing. This pioneering effort promises to revolutionize how we think about connectivity, particularly in hard-to-reach areas. Their collaboration aims to enhance uplink connections using advanced satellite technology, tapping into AT&T’s robust terrestrial spectrum. This initiative not only signifies a leap in technological advancement but also a commitment to bridging coverage gaps and aiding first responders.

Testing the Future of Connectivity

ASTSpaceMobile and AT&T’s Collaboration

In a bold move, ASTSpaceMobile and AT&T have secured permission from the Federal Communications Commission to test their Direct-to-Device capabilities. This venture is set to unfold in Texas and Hawaii, leveraging FirstNet and 800 MHz spectrum. The plan involves connecting up to 20 GSM handsets directly to AST’s BlueWalker 3 LEO satellite. They’ll use 10-megahertz segments of AT&T’s spectrum, demonstrating the potential of satellite-to-cellular communication.

Exploring New Spectral Frontiers

The testing will utilize the FirstNet spectrum, ranging from 788-798 MHz, accessible by AT&T in specific areas of Hawaii and Texas. Additionally, AT&T’s 835-845 MHz spectrum in Texas and 825-835 MHz in Hawaii will be employed. Further, AST has received AT&T’s nod to test using higher-frequency spectrum at 37.6-40 GHz until May 2025, hinting at the exploration of new technological territories.

The Path to Commercialization

Financing and Commitments

ASTSpaceMobile’s journey is bolstered by significant financing, including $206.5 million from AT&T, Google, and Vodafone. This financial backing is critical for launching AST SpaceMobile’s first five commercial satellites. It reflects the confidence these tech giants have in AST’s innovative capabilities. Revenue commitments from AT&T and Vodafone, alongside purchase orders for network equipment, underscore the project’s commercial viability.

The Potential of Direct-to-Device Technology

AST SpaceMobile is not just testing technology; it’s shaping the future of telecom. By optimizing the BW3 satellite, they’re inching closer to launching Direct-to-Device services. This technology could revolutionize coverage in remote areas and enhance emergency response nationwide. With its ability to close coverage gaps, Direct-to-Device technology could become a game-changer in the telecom industry.

ASTSpaceMobile and AT&T’s partnership in Direct-to-Device testing is more than just a technical endeavor. It represents a vision for a more connected and responsive world. As they proceed with their tests, the telecom world watches with anticipation, eager to see how this collaboration reshapes our communication landscape.


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