Origin AI Raises $15.9M to Enhance Smart Home Wi-Fi Sensing Abilities

Wi-Fi has transformed the way we live and connect with others. Origin AI, a pioneer in Wi-Fi Sensing technology, recently announced a major funding milestone, securing $15.9 million in a Series B extension round. This investment will drive the development of advanced Smart Home Wi-Fi Sensing capabilities.

Revolutionizing Connectivity

Origin AI is dedicated to making smart homes more comfortable, secure, and connected. Wi-Fi, an integral part of modern life, serves as the foundation for these experiences. The ubiquity of questions like “Is there Wi-Fi here?” reflects its significance in our daily lives.

Precision Wi-Fi Sensing

Origin AI’s Wi-Fi Sensing technology offers centimeter-level accuracy, allowing it to detect and monitor various moving targets. These targets encompass human motions, such as presence or absence in a space, falls, vital signs, and even sleeping patterns.

Major Funding Milestone

Origin recently celebrated the successful completion of its Series B extension round, led by Verisure, a leading security company. Other notable investors include Okinawa Electric Power Company, Verizon Ventures, and INSPiRE. This fresh capital injection will be strategically utilized to expand product offerings and grow the commercial business.

Partnering with Verisure

Cristina Rivas, Chief Technology Officer at Verisure, expressed enthusiasm for leading the investment in Origin AI. She highlighted the potential for Wi-Fi Sensing to complement Verisure’s security offering and provide peace of mind to families and small businesses.

Gratitude and Mission

Spencer Maid, CEO of Origin AI, expressed gratitude for the trust and support from investors. This funding empowers them to advance their mission of delivering reliable, efficient, and innovative Wi-Fi Sensing solutions to customers worldwide.

In summary, Origin AI’s recent funding success marks a significant step towards enhancing Smart Home Wi-Fi Sensing capabilities. With centimeter-level accuracy and strategic partnerships, Origin AI is poised to revolutionize how we experience connectivity in our smart homes.

Source: IOT Evolution World

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