Spectrum Licensing for 5G: Urging Congressional Action

Spectrum Licensing for 5G

The US stands at a pivotal moment in the global communications landscape. With the right policies, it can lead in technology, jobs, and the economy. 5G Americas President Chris Pearson is a strong advocate for this vision. In a recent keynote at Network X Americas, Pearson highlighted the critical need for Congress to focus on spectrum licensing and restore auction authority to the FCC.

Spectrum Licensing for 5G: A Key to Global Leadership

Chris Pearson believes that midband spectrum is vital for the US to offer a full suite of 5G services. Currently, the US ranks 13th among 15 leading global markets in available, licensed midband spectrum. This gap hampers the potential for 5G to be a significant economic contributor.

The Role of Congress in Spectrum Licensing for 5G

Pearson emphasizes that Congress must pay more attention to spectrum licensing. Restoring auction authority to the FCC is crucial. This action will enable the telecom industry to fully realize 5G’s potential. With appropriate policies, the US can lead in global communications and technology, strengthening the country’s economy.

Achieving 5G Potential Through Midband Spectrum

In his keynote, Pearson reiterated the necessity of midband spectrum. It is essential for delivering comprehensive 5G services. The telecom industry needs this spectrum to ensure 5G becomes a major economic driver.

Pearson’s advocacy for spectrum licensing highlights a critical area where US policy can make a significant impact. By focusing on this issue, the US can secure its position as a leader in global communications.

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