Unlocking Opportunities with 5G Advanced: A Boost for Mobile Operators and Consumers

5G Advanced holds the key to exciting consumer service opportunities, poised to drive explosive growth in 5G mobile subscriptions and data usage. Mobile operators and their ecosystem partners can capitalize on their investments in 5G technologies like never before.

Expanding Revenue Horizons

The maturing market for existing 5G services, coupled with 5G Advanced, paves the way for diverse revenue channels across various scenarios. GlobalData’s forecast predicts a remarkable 39% yearly growth in 5G data traffic from 2023 to 2028, reaching nearly 200 Exabytes per month. Global 5G adoption is set to hit 84% by 2028, driven by an array of upcoming use cases supported by 5G Advanced networks.

Elevating User Experience with Differentiated Services

With advanced 5G network architectures spanning RAN and core, operators can deliver enhanced mobile broadband speeds, lower latencies, and virtual mobile networks on shared infrastructure through end-to-end network slicing. This empowers operators to offer differentiated network services that enhance consumer experiences. For instance, 5G networks can significantly improve the gaming experience, aligning with the booming cloud gaming market.

Cloud Gaming’s Lucrative Future

GlobalData anticipates that global cloud gaming revenues will soar to US$30 billion by 2030, a substantial leap from the US$1 billion recorded in 2020. Operators can position themselves as integral players in this greenfield value chain. Cloud gaming services stream content to end-user devices, demanding high bandwidth and low latency, making 5G networks an ideal fit. Forward-thinking operators are already forging partnerships with cloud gaming providers, such as Nvidia’s GeForceNow, collaborating with network giants like Japan’s SoftBank, South Korea’s LGU+, Australia’s Pentanet, Malaysia’s Yes, and KSA’s Zain.

Beyond Gaming: AR and VR Experiences

Gaming is just one realm where operators can provide differentiated user experiences through 5G. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) content share similar network performance demands with high-performance gaming. LGU+ in South Korea positions its 5G network as the optimal choice to support U+ Dive, a subscription-based service offering exclusive VR and AR content.

Source: Verdict

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