Wi-Fi Sensing Technology in Smart Homes: Transforming Connectivity and Security

In the realm of smart homes, Wi-Fi is more than just a convenience; it’s a cornerstone of modern living, symbolizing comfort, security, and connectivity. As critical as the air we breathe, the ubiquity of Wi-Fi in our daily lives, from work to social connections, is undeniable. Enter Wi-Fi Sensing Technology, a game-changer in home automation, enhancing our living spaces with unprecedented precision and intelligence.

Wi-Fi Sensing Technology in Smart Homes
Origin AI: Pioneering Wi-Fi Sensing

Origin AI has revolutionized how we perceive smart homes. Their cutting-edge Wi-Fi Sensing harnesses signals with centimeter accuracy. Their platform, powered by AI analytics, uses Wi-Fi to detect and monitor diverse movements, from human presence to vital health signs. This innovation elevates home automation to new heights, offering both security and convenience.

Strategic Growth Through Series B Investment

Origin AI recently celebrated a significant milestone, securing $15.9 million in a Series B extension round. With Verisure at the helm as the lead investor, the participation of entities like Okinawa Electric Power Company and Verizon Ventures marks a strategic growth phase. This infusion of capital aims to expand Origin’s product line and commercial business, promising enhanced solutions to a broader customer base.

Verisure and Origin AI: A Synergistic Partnership

Verisure, a leader in security solutions, recognizes the potential of Wi-Fi Sensing in complementing their offerings. Cristina Rivas, CTO of Verisure, commends Origin’s technology, envisioning a collaborative future that aligns with their mission of ensuring peace of mind for families and small businesses.

Acknowledging Investor Support

Spencer Maid, CEO of Origin AI, thanks Verisure and all investors. This funding marks a pivotal moment, enabling Origin to propel their mission of delivering top-tier Wi-Fi Sensing solutions globally. Wi-Fi Sensing Technology is not just an innovation; it’s a transformative force in smart home automation, reshaping how we interact with our living spaces. Origin AI’s advancement in this field, backed by robust investor support, paves the way for a future where our homes are connected and intelligently adaptive to our needs.

Origin’s Press Release can be found here.

Source: iotevolutionworld

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