Unlocking New Spectrum: Vital for 5G-A and 6G Networks

5G Americas advocates for expanded licensed spectrum, essential for U.S. tech dominance and economic growth.

The Call for Spectrum Expansion

In its recent white paper, 5G Americas stresses the urgency of releasing additional spectrum to propel the evolution of 5G and prepare for 6G networks.

Leveraging Upper Mid-Band Spectrum

Key to enhancing capacity is the utilization of the 7.125-15.35 GHz spectrum range, particularly beneficial below 10 GHz for balanced capacity and coverage.

The Role of ITU and Spectrum Needs

The ITU has outlined usage scenarios essential for future spectrum allocations, emphasizing high data rates and wide-area coverage for diverse applications.

5G-Advanced: Pioneering Innovations

Anticipated features of 5G-Advanced promise advancements in extended reality, network performance, AI-driven management, and diverse device capabilities.

Timeline for Implementation

With 3GPP Release 18 set to freeze in March 2024, commercialization of relevant features is expected by end-2024, with further adoption in 2025 and beyond.

In conclusion, the push for new spectrum allocation is imperative for the continued evolution of mobile networks, ensuring technological advancement and economic prosperity.

Source: RCR Wireless

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