Canada opens 6Ghz band for Wi-Fi, tripling spectrum access

Vancouver BC

The government of Canada will open the 6GHz band of the radio frequency spectrum, tripling the current amount available for Wi-Fi and leading to faster speeds and greater coverage. The increased spectrum will also allow for affordable broadband in rural Canada, the statement said. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has committed to developing internet access for rural Canada and bringing costs down for Canadians.
This plan harmonizes Canada’s spectrum with other countries, including the United States.

“High-quality and affordable wireless services have never been more valuable in the everyday lives of Canadians, this will make staying connected easier for Canadians who rely on their Wi-Fi for accessing school, work and health care from home

Canadian Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne

It definitely will help speed up in-home internet, and provide all sorts of new abilities and services. The decision on the plan comes ahead of Canada’s long-awaited 3500Mhz spectrum auction in June, which will support the country’s telecoms companies in expanding their 5G capabilities.

Some 24 companies are bidding in the auction, including Bell Inc (BCE.TO), Telus Corp (T.TO), Rogers Communications Inc (RCIb.TO) and Cogeco Communications Inc (CCA.TO). In talks to be acquired by Rogers Communications, Shaw Communications Inc did not apply and is not eligible to bid.

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