Cota Real Wireless Power soars to new heights with unlimited distance regulatory approval in Europe and the United Kingdom.

From the beginning, one of Ossia’s ambitions has been to make wireless power as commonplace as the electrical plug… not only in the United States but globally. One of the most difficult challenges is obtaining appropriate regulatory permits in each country or nation. We are pleased to inform you that Europe and the United Kingdom are two such regions that have embraced Cota® Real Wireless Power – without regard for distance.

This implies that companies in the EU and UK can now license the Cota technology and use wireless power over the air in their IoT and mobile devices, such as product trackers, wearables, sensors, digital store labels, and more. And this power can be provided anywhere in a Cota-enabled building, area, or vehicle equipped with wireless power transmitters.

Ossia’s current business partners are overjoyed that the Cota system meets the EU Radio Equipment Directive and the UK Radio Equipment Regulation’s radio, emissions, immunity, and RF safety standards. It’s a time they’ve been anticipating and planning for, and they’ve already come up with some really innovative ideas for how wireless power without distance constraints can alter their goods and the way they conduct business.

In this area, our US partners with a worldwide presence are several steps ahead of their rivals; since it got three US FCC certifications for the very first time it has worked with the Cota system, which until recently only was permitted to sell.

Other wireless power solutions to which our partners have compared Cota technology are either line of sight only or provide inadequate power. The Cota system does not require line of sight, which means that the transmitter and the items receiving electricity do not have to be in direct line of sight, and may securely distribute energy even if there are obstacles in the way, such as other goods, walls, or even humans. Furthermore, numerous devices may be powered — or “charged” — at the same time.

We could soon witness a whole new age of product creation across many industries, from medical and retail to commercial, industrial, and even new construction, with Real Wireless Power now available as an innovation tool in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Cota Real Wireless Power’s technology, which has been given over 164 patents and has received European and UK Regulatory Approval as well as FCC certifications, is available for licensing. Ossia is assembling a network of partners to reduce our dependency on disposable batteries and open up a whole new world of smart devices. Ossia’s business partners will be able to purchase these gadgets.

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