HaLow: Pioneering the Future of Wi-Fi Connectivity

HaLow’s Milestone in Wi-Fi Technology


After an eight-year development period, Morse Micro’s HaLow technology has achieved a significant breakthrough. This innovative Wi-Fi technology, designed specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT), now boasts the capability to cover vast distances while operating on minimal power.

A Leap Forward in Connectivity

Morse Micro recently demonstrated the first live application of Wi-Fi HaLow. This event marks a historic moment, showcasing HaLow’s ability to maintain a connection over three kilometers, a notable achievement for long-range Wi-Fi communication.

The Technical Edge of HaLow

Operating under the IEEE 802.11ah standard, HaLow functions in the sub-GHz range. This allows it to penetrate various barriers and connect a higher number of IoT devices over longer distances, all while consuming significantly less power compared to traditional Wi-Fi technologies.

Real-World Success of Morse Micro’s HaLow

In a test conducted in San Francisco’s Ocean Beach neighborhood, Morse Micro displayed HaLow’s proficiency in challenging conditions. Despite the distance extending to three kilometers, the connection remained stable, proving the technology’s practical applicability.

Beyond Distance: Power Efficiency

HaLow sets itself apart not only in distance but also in power efficiency. Its capability to operate on coin batteries for extended periods could be transformative, especially for small-scale IoT devices.

Morse Micro: Leading the Charge in Wi-Fi Innovation

Michael De Nil, co-founder and CEO of Morse Micro, emphasizes the significance of their demonstration. The success of their three-kilometer Wi-Fi HaLow video call in a complex urban environment underlines HaLow’s potential as a leading solution in IoT connectivity.

HaLow in the Competitive Landscape

While impressive, HaLow faces competition from technologies like LoRa/LoraWAN and NB-IoT. However, its unique combination of range, low power usage, and throughput positions it as a strong contender in the IoT field.

The advent of Morse Micro’s HaLow technology represents a turning point in Wi-Fi connectivity. With its extended range and efficient power usage, HaLow is poised to redefine the standards of IoT communication, paving the way for new possibilities in wireless connectivity.

Source: Tech Radar

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