Restoring Spectrum Auction Authority: A Vital Call to Action

Nearly a year since Congress allowed the lapse of FCC’s spectrum auction authority, Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel emphasizes the urgency of its restoration. This authority, pivotal for fostering technological advancements like 5G, has historically contributed billions to the U.S. Treasury.

(Image credit: FCC)

Congressional Dysfunction: Impeding Progress

Despite its historical significance, Congress’ failure to renew the FCC’s auction authority since March 10, 2023, underscores growing dysfunction. With partisan divisions hindering action, the absence of this authority threatens to stifle innovation and economic growth.

FCC’s Commitment to Innovation

Rosenworcel highlights the FCC’s commitment to innovation, stressing the need to explore alternative avenues to maintain momentum in the wireless market. Despite the current impasse, the FCC remains dedicated to collaborating with lawmakers to swiftly reinstate auction authority.

Unlocking Economic Potential: The Role of Spectrum Auctions

The Brookings Institution underscores the immense economic benefits of FCC spectrum auctions, which have generated over $233 billion for the U.S. Treasury. Moreover, these auctions have facilitated the rollout of transformative technologies such as 5G, driving economic growth and bolstering national security.

Exploring Regulatory Alternatives

In response to the lack of auction authority, the FCC has initiated measures to leverage existing regulatory tools. By exploring avenues to allocate unassigned spectrum, the FCC aims to ensure continued innovation and accessibility in the wireless landscape.

The Path Forward: Collaboration and Restoration

Rosenworcel reaffirms the FCC’s commitment to restoring auction authority as outlined in Section 309 of the Communications Act. By prioritizing collaboration with Congress, the FCC seeks to safeguard America’s position as a global leader in wireless technology.

In conclusion, the urgency to restore Spectrum Auction Authority is undeniable. With technological innovation and economic growth at stake, swift action is imperative to propel the nation forward in an increasingly competitive wireless market.

Source: TV Technology

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