Does hotel WiFi quality actually matter?

According to hoteliers who participated in a recent Hotel Management survey conducted by Spectrum Enterprise, the answer is an unequivocal “yes.” According to research findings, now is the time to revitalize on-property WiFi offerings, a crucial component of a well-functioning, highly successful property.

Guests Expect Effective WiFi

When traveling for business or leisure, today’s guests anticipate a seamless Wi-Fi connection. Hotels can rise to the occasion and satisfy this demand for technology, thereby preserving their coveted customer loyalty.

According to the survey titled “Taking Your Technology Pulse,” the most common technology complaint lodged by hotel visitors is slow, unreliable WiFi (51.6%). In contrast, the absence of complimentary WiFi was at the bottom of the list, indicating that a fast, reliable, and robust WiFi experience is more essential than a free one. Implementing WiFi upgrades or selecting a fully managed WiFi solution that provides a consistent experience enables hotels to adapt to the reality of ever-changing traveler expectations as well as the continued growth of the bleisure market and digital nomads.

There are additional essential factors to consider when enhancing WiFi. Guests bring multiple devices, resulting in an increase in network connections. A strong, high-capacity WiFi connection can enhance interactions with visitors on-site, such as the delivery of push notifications about on-site events and concierge chats. In addition, hotels with convention space can expand their WiFi service as convention business returns.

Dependable WiFi Energizes In-Room Entertainment

In order to replicate the conveniences of home in a hotel room for leisure and business travelers, it is necessary to provide uninterrupted, flawless in-room entertainment over a fast and dependable Internet connection.

A modern network and faster WiFi speeds can reduce viewing issues and improve the quality of streaming and casting. Recognizing the growing importance of in-room entertainment, 28% of hoteliers cited enhancing this feature as one of their top technology objectives for 2023. Streaming access that enables visitors to view content on their own mobile devices, tablets, and computers also requires robust, dependable WiFi.

Also Required for Hotel Operations is High-Quality WiFi

The profitability of a hotel is contingent upon high levels of communication and efficiency. Rapid, dependable WiFi is one of the forces propelling this forward.

According to the survey, 28% of hoteliers reported that sluggish Internet/WiFi was their staff’s primary technology concern. Managed WiFi services alleviate the burden on staff and enable hoteliers to optimize operations and improve efficiency, thereby influencing employee happiness and guest satisfaction.

To enhance the guest experience, hotel staff must perform tasks swiftly and effectively. A high-quality WiFi connection facilitates staff access to online resources, such as booking platforms, visitor profiles, and digital communications tools, including e-mail, messaging apps, and voice calls.

Hotel operations seeking to enhance the digital experience for both guests and staff should make WiFi a top priority.

Source: HotelManagement.Net

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