Eindhoven’s (NL) Pioneering Optical Wireless Communications

Discover Eindhoven's innovative Terrestrial OWC Test Bed, a leap in Optical Wireless Communications for secure, fast connectivity.

Eindhoven steps into the future with its groundbreaking Terrestrial Optical Wireless Communications (OWC) Test Bed. This initiative marks a significant advancement in secure and seamless connectivity. It’s a joint effort involving Aircision, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), and CUbIQ Technologies (CubiQ). Their goal? To revolutionize communication across diverse landscapes using infrared light.

“Connecting Beyond Boundaries: The City of Light’s
First Optical Wireless Communications Link over 5 km

The Reid Photon Loop: A Beacon of Innovation

The Reid Photon Loop, a 5 km optical wireless link, connects the High-Tech Campus Eindhoven and TU/e. It stands as a testament to the possibilities of OWC. Aircision, at the forefront of this project, champions the use of atmospheric data transmission without cables or radio waves. Robert Hughes, CEO of Aircision, shares his pride in this endeavor. He sees it as a milestone for advancing seamless connectivity.

TU/e’s Role in Advancing OWC

TU/e collaborates across sectors to spur innovation and tackle global challenges. The Electro-Optical Communication Group at TU/e played a key role in establishing this test bed. Eduward Tangdiongga, who leads TU/e’s long-reach optical wireless communications, highlights the test bed’s role in propelling 6G network research.

CUbIQ’s Quantum Leap in Secure Communications

CUbIQ, an Eindhoven-based startup, is reshaping secure data transmission. They focus on a Quantum secure coherent engine, promising significant energy and cost savings. Chigo Okonkwo, CTO of CUbIQ, expresses excitement about demonstrating their unique technology in real-world conditions.

Why Terrestrial OWC Matters

Terrestrial OWC transcends traditional communication barriers. Imagine swift internet connections without the need for physical cables. As smart cities develop, OWC will be crucial for interconnected devices. Its security, immune to electromagnetic interference, is further enhanced with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). Additionally, its minimal environmental impact aligns with sustainable goals.


Eindhoven’s OWC Test Bed not only showcases technological brilliance but also sets a path toward a more connected and secure world. With its commitment to innovation and sustainability, Eindhoven lights the way in Optical Wireless Communications. What could this mean for the future of global connectivity?

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