NTT DOCOMO Selects AWS to Deploy Nationwide 5G Open Radio Access Network

NTT DOCOMO, INC. (DOCOMO), Japan’s leading mobile operator, partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for deploying its nationwide 5G Open Radio Access Network (RAN). The collaboration aims to revolutionize Japan’s mobile network landscape.

Enhancing Connectivity with Open RAN

DOCOMO’s selection of AWS marks a pivotal move towards a more interconnected mobile network. By embracing Open RAN, they aim to foster interoperability and virtualization within their network infrastructure.

Simplified Network Operations

Utilizing Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service Anywhere (Amazon EKS Anywhere), DOCOMO plans to streamline its 5G Open RAN operations. The deployment of container management software will automate cluster management, ensuring efficient network performance.

Building Resilience with Hybrid Cloud Solutions

DOCOMO’s initiative to develop a resilient 5G Core on AWS reflects a proactive approach towards disaster preparedness. Leveraging AWS Graviton Processors and Amazon EKS, they seek to mitigate network disruptions caused by natural disasters, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

Collaboration for Connectivity in Remote Areas

Through collaboration with Amazon’s Project Kuiper, DOCOMO aims to extend connectivity to rural and disaster-hit areas in Japan. This strategic partnership underscores their commitment to bridging digital divides and ensuring seamless communication during crises.

Accelerating Innovation for Customer Satisfaction

Hozumi Tamura, Senior Executive Vice President of NTT DOCOMO, emphasizes the collaborative efforts with AWS and Project Kuiper to drive innovation. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and addressing societal challenges, they aim to deliver resilient, flexible, and power-efficient networks.

AWS’s Commitment to Japan’s Digital Transformation

AWS’s substantial investment in Japan’s cloud infrastructure underscores its commitment to supporting the country’s digital transformation journey. Through continuous innovation and collaboration, AWS endeavors to empower Japanese enterprises to thrive in the digital era.

Showcasing Innovations at Mobile World Congress

AWS will showcase its latest innovations and collaborations at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024. Attendees can explore how AWS is enabling telcos to transform their networks and monetize investments with cloud and AI solutions.

In conclusion, NTT DOCOMO’s collaboration with AWS signifies a strategic move towards enhancing connectivity, resilience, and innovation in Japan’s mobile network landscape. By leveraging advanced technologies and strategic partnerships, they aim to deliver superior customer experiences and drive sustainable growth.

Source: amazon

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