Energous Launches Active Energy Harvesting Developer Kit with Over-the-Air Wireless Charging Support

Energous Corporation, the creator of WattUp®, the revolutionary wireless charging 2.0 technology, has announced the release of its 5.5W Active Energy Harvesting Developer Kit, which will enable long-distance wireless charging for the growing ecosystem of industrial Internet of Things and other connected devices.

Unlike passive energy harvesting solutions, which typically offer extremely low amounts of power and can be unpredictable in terms of how much power is available, Energous’ active energy harvesting solution includes a dedicated transmitter that emits 5.5W of conducted power in a specific area or direction via its RF-based, WattUp wireless charging technology.

The Energous 5.5W active energy harvesting solution supports “one to many” charging, which allows multiple devices to be charged from a single transmitter simultaneously. Energous-enabled receiving devices harvest this RF-based energy, which can be combined with e-peas RF energy harvesting IC technology. Energous active energy harvesting technology is used in various industries and applications, ranging from drug storage monitors and patient trackers in healthcare to smoke detectors and motion sensors in smart homes to fault prevention and other safety sensors in an industrial setting.

This first of its kind technology supports a much wider range of IoT devices that require guaranteed levels of power not served by today’s passive energy harvesting technologies and lays a foundation for growth in more power-critical applications.”

“Energous’ 5.5-watt active energy harvesting developer kit makes it easier for wireless device developers to incorporate active energy harvesting into their solution while providing consistent and safe power levels,” Cesar Johnston, COO and EVP of Engineering for Energous, said. “This first-of-its-kind technology supports a much broader range of IoT devices that require guaranteed levels of power that today’s passive energy harvesting technologies do not provide, and it lays the groundwork for growth in more power-critical applications.”

Energous WattUp technology provides a wide array of over-the-air and at-contact wireless charging 2.0 solutions. For more information on how to purchase the developer kit, click here: https://www.energous.com/applications/wattup-active-energy-harvesting-developer-kit/.

To learn more about Energous, please visit Energous.com or follow the company on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

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