In some 2024 models, General Motors will offer AT&T’s 5G connectivity

The next-generation vehicle network will enable a new era of connected services for millions of GM vehicles

General Motors and AT&T have announced that 5G connection will be available in select Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GMC vehicles beginning with the model year 2024, bringing more dependable software upgrades, faster navigation and downloads, and improved road coverage.

During a press briefing, Santiago Chamorro, vice-president of GM’s global connected service team, said that the rollout of the 5G architecture would also benefit GM cars equipped with 4G LTE, such as those from the model year 2019 and newer. Select vehicle owners would “easily transfer to the new network infrastructure once it is available,” the firms stated in a news statement. Another GM executive stated that the performance gain will not necessitate a large software upgrade for vehicles but that the vehicles will be “seamlessly transferred.

“By connecting millions of GM vehicles to our nationwide 5G network, we will improve the customer experience for existing services while laying the groundwork for the next wave of innovation including autonomous driving. We now connect more vehicles than any other carrier and GM has played a critical role in our success. We’re honored to work alongside GM to usher the next chapter of connected driving.”

Gregory Wieboldt, senior vice president, Global Business, Industry Solutions, AT&T

5G technology has generated a lot of buzz for its promises to enhance speed and minimize latency across various industries; it was a next-generation technology that everyone expected would alter the world much sooner than it has. That hasn’t happened so far in part because network deployment has been far slower than projected. As a result, AT&T’s remark might be interpreted as a clear signal that, at the absolute least, the company believes its 5G network will be mature enough to handle “millions” of connected vehicles by 2024.

Faster and more reliable connectivity is key to many automakers’ market plans, which nearly across the board Faster and more dependable communication is critical to many automakers’ market strategies, which almost universally entail complicated in-car software features and wireless over-the-air upgrades to keep everything from the audio system to (if it’s an electric vehicle) the battery working. It will also be critical for other technologies, such as sophisticated driver assistance systems, which quickly become another significant method for automakers to differentiate themselves from the competition.


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