Industry’s First 5G as a Service

Wireless pioneer Betacom, the longtime deployment partner for the world’s leading telecommunication corporations, announced that it had secured $15M in funding from private investors, the ex CFO of T-Mobile. The funds will be applied to accelerate the adoption of the Betacom 5G-As-A-Service product. According to Betacom, the industry’s first fully-managed private wireless service. US companies now have access to cost-effective, high-performance 5G networks planned, deployed, and managed by Betacom.

“Private 5G networks have incredible potential to revolutionize the way that a number of industries, including transportation, manufacturing and logistics, conduct their business and accelerate their progress.”

Braxton Carter, past CFO of T-Mobile

Design, deployment, and supervision of these complex networks can be substantial obstacles to realizing the benefits. Betacom is the right partnership to eliminate these barriers for companies of all sizes. 5G and cellular networks, in general, are seen as having better security than unlicensed networks and, in some cases, lower latency, which can be critical for things like manufacturing environments.

Betacom conducts network configuration and deployment for the new service. The costs are similar but with much higher fidelity, performance, and security than Wi-Fi. Enterprise customers maintain control of the network in addition to local control of their data. Network management is delivered via Betacom’s Network Operations Center (NOC), hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud.

We are excited to see Betacom leveraging the power of Azure’s AI/ML capabilities to launch an innovative 5G service,

Shawn Hakl, vice president of 5G strategy at Microsoft.

Private 5G Service Adoption Set to Accelerate

A recent study shows that 53% of US enterprises plan to add private wireless networks, more than will eventually be expanding or upgrading to Wi-Fi 6. The buzz around 5G has generated enough enthusiasm and interest for the technology that IT managers and other tech-heads are eager to leverage it,” according to Bob O’Donnell, president and chief analyst at TECHnalysis Research who conducted the research.

The private 5G wireless service is the first managed service of its kind in the United States.


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