Smart City Challenge In West Lafayette

The city of West Lafayette is hosting a Smart City Challenge and is accepting applications. The Challenge gives university students/faculty and startups the chance to win up to $15,000 while also helping to improve public safety for road users. The proposals must submit proposals by December 3rd, 2021.

The West Lafayette (WL) Smart City Challenge was created by the Purdue Research Foundation’s Innovation Partners Institute in collaboration with the City of West Lafayette, the Indiana 5G Zone, and US Ignite. The goal of the Challenge is to empower creative teams to:

Develop a scalable IoT solution and/or software application by leveraging the City of WL’s existing IoT infrastructure and data inputs and the Discovery Park District’s NineTwelve 5G/IoT Lab to improve safety for vulnerable road users who navigate high-traffic corridors and intersections during major seasonal events.

Successful proposals can win up to $15,000 and:

  • Engage with Purdue Research Foundry
  • Pilot solution for the city
  • Gain access to potential investors
  • Receive a one year membership to NT Convergence 

For more information on what data is available and how to submit a successful proposal, watch the recorded webinar below.

The Problem and Existing IoT Infrastructure

When students return to campus in the fall, the population of West Lafayette nearly doubles. During specific events such as football games, concerts, and festivals, the roads become heavily traveled. The high density of vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, combined with autonomous delivery vehicles and cars, raises the risk of injury or death in an accident.

In West Lafayette, 19 street cameras and sensors are currently collecting video analytics and sensor data. On request, participants can receive a small sample of available data and analytics. Finalists in the second phase will also have access to historical and real-time video analytics and sensor data to aid in developing and testing proposed solutions prototypes.

If you are interested, Please find more info about submitting a proposal at the link below:

Organizers and advisors:

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