Smart Glasses and VSight Remote for Field Service

Leading companies in numerous industries are using wearable wireless technology. VSight Remote with smart glasses is impacting the service enterprise sector. VSight Remote has several field service applications.

Automotive examples are recent. Specifically, MAN Truck & Bus, one of Europe’s biggest commercial vehicle manufacturers. MAN Truck& Bus, a global leader in the automotive industry, propels human growth. This also applies to new technologies like augmented reality, which has many benefits. MAN field technicians must solve complicated difficulties quickly. VSight Remote and smart glasses provide hands-free work. Experts can see exactly what to do to repair the problem. This allows the technician to avoid dangerous positions.

VSight Remote on smart glasses could boost field technicians’ efficiency. Field technicians can remotely solve technical difficulties with VSight Remote on smart glasses. Connecting physical and virtual worlds makes this possible. Work instructions, annotations, and 3D objects are displayed in real-time in the field technicians’ field of vision.

Through smart glasses, field workers stuck in an issue without a solution can use VSight Remote support. So, stream live videos and audios link the contact center expert to the field where the work is in process. VSight Remote solution enables field workers to use their smart glasses to transmit images or videos of their dashboards. Also, to contact center experts, allowing the fastest possible remote diagnosis.

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