Verizon’s Robust Start in 2024: Insights from Q1 Results

Verizon unveiled its Q1 2024 earnings. The company showed significant improvement in customer retention and revenue growth from its wireless services. This year marks a new milestone with detailed revenue reports from its Fixed Wireless Access Service (FWA).

Verizon’s Strategic Customer Initiatives

Verizon’s targeted customer engagement strategy is paying off. CEO Hans Vestberg reported that the company reduced its postpaid phone net losses by over 100,000 from the previous year. This success comes despite several price adjustments made in the quarter. The company’s myPlan, coupled with exclusive perks, not only retains customers but also enhances Verizon’s recurring revenue streams.

Expansion and Performance of Fixed Wireless Access

For the first time, Verizon disclosed its FWA revenue separately within its wireless service earnings. This quarter, FWA generated $452 million, a substantial increase from last year. The service attracted 203,000 new customers, showing strong adoption rates in both consumer and business sectors. Verizon now boasts over 11.1 million broadband subscribers, with more than 3.4 million using FWA.

Verizon’s Response to the Affordable Connectivity Program

The impending end of the federal Affordable Connectivity Program poses challenges and opportunities. Verizon’s proactive strategies aim to retain its 1.1 million prepaid ACP customers. The company is preparing for potential revenue impacts while ensuring minimal effects on overall margins and earnings.

The Role of AI in Verizon’s Strategy

Vestberg highlighted three key priorities in Verizon’s AI implementation. The company focuses on optimizing internal operations, personalizing customer plans, and developing AI-driven revenue streams. These efforts are already showing promising results in enhancing efficiency and customer engagement.

Future Spectrum Strategies and Network Investment

When discussing future spectrum acquisitions, Vestberg expressed satisfaction with Verizon’s current holdings. He emphasized the company’s long-term strategy to optimize its existing network capabilities, ensuring readiness for future demands.


Verizon’s Q1 2024 performance sets a positive tone for the year. With strategic initiatives in customer service, AI integration, and network development, Verizon is well-positioned for sustained growth. How will these strategies impact Verizon’s market position by the year’s end?

Source: RCR Wireless

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