Upcoming Event: Spectrum overview 2023 – An overview of spectrum reallocation in the United States

January 26th, 2023 Location: Zoom and LinkedIn Virtual Event

At the WCA’s annual Spectrum event, members learn about changes in technology and policy in the RF spectrum domain over the past year and what to expect in the coming year. Our seasoned panel of experts thoroughly analyzes how the spectrum changes will affect the wireless communications industry from a legal, political, technical, and market-driven perspective.

Come join the conversation and learn where our industry is going from our seasoned panel of experts at our annual “Spectrum: 2023” Even.

● CBRS Review
● 10GHz Stuff
● 6GHz Stuff
● 12.7 – 13.25 NOI (Sat service)
● 3.1 – 3.45
● 7.125-8.400 ● Summary: 3G, 6G, and Future

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