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Virtual Wi-Fi World Congress 2020

Pullman San Francisco Bay Hotel 223 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City

Wi-Fi NOW is the world’s only conference & expo event 100% dedicated to the Wi-Fi industry. We bring the world’s most visionary Wi-Fi leaders together under one roof for three days of all things Wi-Fi – with a special focus on new opportunities & innovation.

One World Together – Cybersecurity Symposium for Smart Cities 2020

Join the foremost thought leaders and doers in governments, industry, small businesses, academia and nonprofits. For our next generations in the One World Together Via Technologies, let’s listen, learn and last. The event is fast-paced. You will engage with keynotes, use cases (including $0-cost eCommerce for small businesses and eResource Kit), solutions expo, job fair, […]

The Next IoT Revolution

Complete Freedom and Unlimited Scalability The importance of having sensors and devices that can assist humans to perform everyday work and/or specialized tasks has shown undeniable value over the past two decades. The desire to increase sensors' functionalities, computing speed, response time and wireless communication range has shown some challenges because of increasing energy consumption […]

TC3 Carrier Connections

TC3 is an unconference, happening online and in-person, focused on discovering innovation and partnership opportunities across the communications ecosystem. Global telcos and their cutting-edge telecom vendors mix with startups & investors, each commited to working with new partners to move the telecom industry into the future. LOCATION: Virtual Meeting Room COST/TICKETS/REGISTRATION: Admission Options Vary: Telecom Council Members […]

ComTech Forum on Private Networks, PWLAN & Slices

Wired networks have always reigned as the top standard for carrying data in the enterprise, but the latest wireless technologies are poised to knock those tangles of CAT5 off the pedestal. Private Networks, using 5G (or sometimes LTE) can carry data as fast, as securely, but with way more flexibility than enterprises have ever enjoyed. […]

What’s Hot, What’s Not

Does it make sense to invest in the Industrial IoT market segment? WCA 21st Annual What's Hot, What's Not VC & M&A Panel. The Wireless Communications Alliance invites you to get together with Silicon Valley VC’s and M&A professionals why they are placing their bets in the market segment of Industrial IoT - or not. […]

Moving People & Things Safely in the COVID Era

WCA’s 1st Event of their IoT Application Series Doing business in the Covid-19 era has changed the rules of engagement across every industry.Two sectors which have been challenged to change public perception and create a safer commuter & working environment is Public Transportation and Logistics. WCA, in association with SensorWorks, is pleased to present a […]

December Innovation Review on Smart Manufacturing

Telecom Council Lounge Virtual Meeting Room

This month, we focus our meeting on innovation in a single segment as we introduce 6 smart manufacturing startups out of Finland to present to our members.

IoT Forum on Cybersecurity

Sponsored by Dispel, hosted by Kelley Drye & Warren

Spectrum: 2021

What does the new year hold for us? As we kickoff 2021, a number of events, from the administration change to the global pandemic, are driving new national and global imperatives. In this event, we will look at how the spectral landscape has changed and what we might expect in 2021. We will do deep […]

6G – Spectrum for 95 GHz and Above

A conversation about potential use and applications for mmWave and THz spectrum including virtual book signing event.

Innovation Review on Energy in Telecom

ComTech Forum meets this month to look at innovations and startups focused on reducing carbon and energy during the digital transformation of Telecom.

Implementing Long-Range Wireless Power Transfer Technology Easily

The virtual technology sharing session, jointly organised by IPI and TransferFi on 27 April

This virtual event hosted by IPI for a session on far-field Wireless power transfer, which continues to pave its path to maturity and untether the world of industrial IoT!

Location-Based Services: Where is Waldo? A survey about Indoor and Outdoor deployments and use cases using LBS

Unlike Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Location Based Services want to know where something is and where it is going. Where is Waldo and where is Waldo going? The demand for more sophisticated Indoor and Outdoor Location Based Services (LBS) in terms of application variety and accuracy is tripling every year since the emergence of the smartphone […]

TIP OpenWiFi Launch 2021

Join Telecom Infra Project for the launch of one of the Wi-Fi industry’s new groundbreaking initiatives, the OpenWiFi platform! OpenWiFi completely reimagines the way Enterprise grade Wi-Fi networks are built and deployed! OpenWiFi uses the power of Open source development, rigorous automated testing and the power of community to create an entirely new option for […]

Innovation Showcase Demo Day 2021

With 20 years' experience introducing communications startups to communications service providers and vendors, the Telecom Council has helped countless young companies get their first deal, fill funding round, even start relationships that ended in acquisition. Every Spring, our members select a group of communications startups to watch, and dedicate a day to introducing them to […]

IoT Application Series: Connected Wearables in an AR / VR World

A Survey about Wicky Wacky Wearables Wearables are no longer a fashion statement, but rather a productivity statement.  From smart watches to smart glasses, there has been an increasing appetite to interact more with the “apparel” that we wear.  Gartner forecasts global spending on wearable devices to total $81.5 Billion in 2021.*  In the age […]

TC3 Innovation Review on Telehealth & mHealth

IoT for health and fitness has entered a new growth stage with telehealth services offering a myriad of opportunities for the communications industry. Join the IoT Forum this July as we introduce startups and innovations in mobile health making services more accessible, improving care and lowering cost for the provider. Details & Registration $200 (Join […]

Thales Cinterion IoT Suite Connectivity Activation Launch Party

Do you want to simplify the connectivity deployment for your IoT devices? Flexibly at the factory or in the field? Do you need to keep them connected for a decade or more? Deploying geographically diverse IoT installations, managing multiple product SKUs, and provisioning service with the best mobile network operator can be overwhelming. Thales is […]