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WCA Spectrum 2022 Event

Tuesday, January 25th, 2022 – 12:00 noon - 2:00 PM (Pacific Time) Location: Wireless Communications Alliance Conference Bridge (Zoom and LinkedIn) <link href="" rel="stylesheet" Come join the conversation and learn where our industry is going from our seasoned panel of experts at our annual “Spectrum: 2022” Event. Topics Co-Existence and Operation in New Flexible-Shared Bands: […]

Mobile World Conference 2022 – a Recap

Last week, it seemed like the world was on its way back to normalcy as various tech companies gathered in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2022. The event showcased exciting announcements about the latest advancements in 5G, networking technology, devices, and the future of the virtual world. Even if you couldn't attend in person, with […]

Back to The Future of Wireless Event 2022

Wireless network technology has been around for over a century, starting from 1880, and has seen remarkable progress, including the development of an LTE network. The rapid evolution of this technology has left many curious about its future beyond the 21st century. Experts in the field have different ideas for how to make wireless technology […]

WCA presents live from the Sensor Converge Exhibition: Smart Sensors 2022

June 28 2022 : 10:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM Exhibition, interview, recording June 29 2022 : 10:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM Exhibition, interview, recording Location: McEnery Convention Center San Jose Booth: #433 WCA presents live from the Sensor Converge Exhibition: Smart Sensors 2022 About this event: The WCA will be presenting at the Sensor Converge […]

Sensor Converge Exhibition Recap 2022

WCA presents : Sensor Converge Exhibition Recap 2022 About this event: Last week, it felt as if the world was almost back to normal as companies from across the tech spectrum converged on San Jose for the Sensor Converge Congress 2022. There were plenty of announcements on the latest advancements in IoT, networking technology, wireless […]

Wi-Fi Here and Now Event 2022:  Open Wi-Fi, HaLow, Wi-Fi 6e, and more

This event is brought to you by Newracom and NetExperience. Newracom is the world’s leading fabless semi conductor company for Wi-Fi HaLow. We are partnered with numerous world leading semiconductor companies, consumer electronic device manufactures, and IoT/ M2M device manufactures to provide innovative Wi-Fi HaLow connectivity by customizing WLAN functionalities into business systems for high […]

11th annual IIoT Gizmos & Gadgets 2022, Music, Snacks and Drinks

WCA’s first In-Person Event since the Pandemic BLOOM Clubhouse, 3233 De La Cruz Blvd Unit d, Santa Clara, CA 95054 Come see the hottest Industrial IoT (IIoT) gadgets and gizmos under the theme of Oktoberfest.  IIoT creates a number of new “smart” paradigms, such as smart power grids and smart healthcare, and leads to the development […]

23rd annual What’s Hot / What’s Not event 2022

Is it time to invest in Edge Computing and AI as essential components of an IIoT network? About this event: Due to the massive increase in data we are experiencing today, Edge computing, AI and Edge AI are on their way to becoming indispensable technologies due to their ability to move data away from overburdened […]

WCA’s 4th Annual 6G Conference 2023

Even though 5G is still being rolled out to replace the aging 4G standard, its successor, 6G is already in development. Like the networks that came before it, 6G networks are expected to be faster and able to handle more data with less delay.

Mobile World Congress 2023 – a Recap

Mobile World Congress 2023 - a Recap About this event: The Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona is expecting significant growth in attendance this year with over 80,000 attendees. The WCA expects that the key topics of the year will be private networks, 6G market discussions, virtualization and sustainability. The WCA will have people at […]

50th Anniversary of the First Portable Cell Call

The Cell Phone: Marty Cooper’s Big Idea Event Video: You may recall: April 3, 1973; Marty Cooper and Motorola placed the first-ever handheld portable cell phone call from downtown New York.  Now, 50 years later the Tesla Science Center ( wanted to organize a Big Gala Event for April 3, 2023 in honor of the […]

OpenWiFi – The next Wi-Fi revolution – 2 Years Later

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) is a global community of companies and organizations working together to accelerate the development and deployment of open, disaggregated, and standards-based technology solutions that deliver the high quality connectivity that the world needs – now and in the decades to come. One of those solutions is OpenWiFi , an open sourced, […]

The Bay Area Mesh for Emergency Communication 

Immediately following major disasters caused by storms, wildfires, and earthquakes, amateur radio is often the only available local electronics communications system.  Historically, trained Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) operators have used portable, mobile, and handheld two-way radios, supported by radio repeaters, to communicate and relay emergency messages using voice.  The primary activity of South County […]

Partner Event :Wireless Power Technologies Conference and Expo (WPTCE) San Diego

The Wireless Power Technologies Conference and Expo (WPTCE) is the largest event in the world for wireless power research and industry engagement, covering a wide range of topics, applications, frequencies, and power levels. The event, formally known as Wireless Power Week, combines wireless power school, workshops, conference technical and panel sessions, and a student design competition. With five days […]

Sensors Converge Event 2023

Tuesday, June 20 • 9:00am - 12:00pm  Half Day Pre-Con Workshop: “The Smarts Behind Smart Cities & Smart Farms using Sensors in IoT” The Speakers Bio Peter Walther Bio Marcel Verheijen Bio Paul Hoekstra Bio Pui San Tam Bio Andy Do Bio Zeki Gunay Bio Chris King Smart cities are urban areas that utilize modern […]

Cancelled – Sensors Converge Exhibition Recap 2023

We are sorry to have to tell you that due to scheduling conflicts with several of our participants, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the upcoming event. However, we are excited to announce that we will launch a new podcast series focused on the Sensors Converge event. We invite you to stay tuned […]

12th annual IIoT Gizmos & Gadgets 2023 (including a recap of the Sensor Converge 2023 Conference) 

Witness the latest cutting-edge Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and innovations Event video Scan the QR Code to Register Currently, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is experiencing a remarkable uptick in innovative devices. These devices are revolutionizing industrial operations. Specifically, edge computing devices with robust processors and AI capabilities allow for real-time data […]

24th annual What’s Hot what is Not 2023

Moderator and Speakers Lisa Oshima, Founder and Managing Consultant, Socialize Mobilize (Moderator) Tricia SalineroManaging PartnerStout  Bill ReichertPartnerPegasus Tech Ventures  Mark BagleyManaging DirectorWoodside Capital Partners  The convergence of AI, 5G, and emerging 6G technologies is revolutionizing wireless Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks. AI-driven analytics and predictive maintenance are optimizing efficiency and reducing downtime in industrial operations. […]

Spectrum 2024 Navigating the Spectrum

Welcome to our exclusive webinar Spectrum 2024- "Navigating the Spectrum.” In today's session, we delve into the dynamic world of spectrum management, exploring the latest updates, policies, and regulatory changes set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). As the telecommunications landscape undergoes rapid evolution, understanding the […]

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