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Location-Based Services: Where is Waldo? A survey about Indoor and Outdoor deployments and use cases using LBS

Unlike Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Location Based Services want to know where something is and where it is going. Where is Waldo and where is Waldo going? The demand for more sophisticated Indoor and Outdoor Location Based Services (LBS) in terms of application variety and accuracy is tripling every year since the emergence of the smartphone […]

TIP OpenWiFi Launch 2021

Join Telecom Infra Project for the launch of one of the Wi-Fi industry’s new groundbreaking initiatives, the OpenWiFi platform! OpenWiFi completely reimagines the way Enterprise grade Wi-Fi networks are built and deployed! OpenWiFi uses the power of Open source development, rigorous automated testing and the power of community to create an entirely new option for […]

Innovation Showcase Demo Day 2021

With 20 years' experience introducing communications startups to communications service providers and vendors, the Telecom Council has helped countless young companies get their first deal, fill funding round, even start relationships that ended in acquisition. Every Spring, our members select a group of communications startups to watch, and dedicate a day to introducing them to […]

IoT Application Series: Connected Wearables in an AR / VR World

A Survey about Wicky Wacky Wearables Wearables are no longer a fashion statement, but rather a productivity statement.  From smart watches to smart glasses, there has been an increasing appetite to interact more with the “apparel” that we wear.  Gartner forecasts global spending on wearable devices to total $81.5 Billion in 2021.*  In the age […]

TC3 Innovation Review on Telehealth & mHealth

IoT for health and fitness has entered a new growth stage with telehealth services offering a myriad of opportunities for the communications industry. Join the IoT Forum this July as we introduce startups and innovations in mobile health making services more accessible, improving care and lowering cost for the provider. Details & Registration $200 (Join […]

1st Global Diversity and Investment Summit

Venture investors and BIPOC entrepreneurship experts share strategies for entrepreneurs of color on how to start and scale. Please join Woodside Capital Partners' Managing Partner Tricia Salinero and co-panelists at the inaugural Global Diversity and Investment Summit on Friday, June 18, 2021, 10 am-12 pm PDT. Woodside Capital Partners is the leading corporate finance advisory firm for […]

IoT Evolution Expo Miami Beach Convention Center

Thousands of innovators, entrepreneurs, and executives will be gathering between June 22 - 25th at the newly refurbished Miami Beach Convention Center to find new and improved solutions to make […]

Join 5G Things Forum 2021 at Ericsson D-15

A virtual experience on June 23 Join 5G Things Forum 2021 at Ericsson D-15—A virtual experience on June 23. Technological advances in 5G networks, the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge […]

What’s Your Competitive Edge?!

This Event is ONSITE and ONLINE! Hosted by: At every growth stage of your business, understanding and protecting your competitive edge is imperative to leverage the market and protect your […]

2021 GCTC Agriculture and Rural SuperCluster Workshop

Hosted by Purdue University Sponsored by Purdue Research Foundation, SBA Communications, Innovation Partners Institute, and Telrad Networks Venue: Onsite at Convergence Center, Purdue University and virtual via Zoom NIST and […]

Distance ‘Wireless’ Charging Technology, a reality!

For the first time, thought leaders from the wireless power industry come together to 'jointly' talk about the distance wireless power technology, in this 90-minute 'power-packed virtual webinar. Our esteemed […]

Wireless Connectivity for Smart Everything – 2021

The adjective "smart" is no longer merely an adverb. It is now a catch-all phrase for anything that improves the performance of a multi-device ecosystem. Making our daily tasks easier, […]

“Connected Everything” Hardware Security Attacks – 2021

A demonstration of “side-channel” attacks and a conversation about strategies to solve these problems. We see major security breaches on everything connected every day - phones, computers, networks, power grids, […]

Automotive LIDAR 2021

4th Annual Conference and Exhibition LIDAR has been in use for over 60 years in the military, aerospace, robotics, and meteorological fields. Today it is experiencing a flurry of interest […]

Telecom Council Innovation Review on 5G RAN

The transition to 5G is placing pressure on (and creating opportunities for) network operators to improve efficiency and introduce new products and services. RAN technologies, whether it's Open RAN, Virtualized […]

DeepHack: Health and Safety Monitoring

Potential solution domains include fall monitoring, pedestrian/bicyclist safety, monitoring physical distance and mask-wearing, physical worker safety, fitness, and posture tracking - and other health and safety problems that can be […]

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